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Ideas and arguments tend to flow more freely when they are anonymous.

That is why MeetingSphere allows Facilitators (Leaders) to offer complete personal anonymity. The level of anonymity is set via the "Anonymity" tab of the relevant workspace's settings.

  • Completely anonymous
    By default, contributions do not carry identifying information.

  • Anonymous with team info
    Contributions carry a 'team' tag. The Leader sets up a list of 'teams' from which participants select their 'team'. Personal anonymity is guaranteed.

  • Named by contributor
    Contributions carry a tag which gives the name of the author.

Changes in the level of anonymity are implemented in a way that protects anonymity:

  • Any lessening of anonymity is (1) always explicit to users and (2) never affects existing contributions
  • Any extension of anonymity e. g. switching from 'named' to 'anonymous' always affects all contributions in the workspace.

Technical authorship information

Leaders can edit all contributions. In contrast, participants can only edit their own.

The system keeps track of participant editing privileges by maintaining authorship information in a cryptic format. Where the system knows a contribution to be a participant's and therefore editable by him or her, it shows a pencil icon. This is private information. Each participant can only see pencil icons on her or his own contributions.

Authorship info is encrypted. It cannot be accessed or read by Leaders or administrators.

To make sure, all authorship info is purged irrevocably when

  • The Leader closes the workspace
  • The participant logs out
  • The participant loses connection and does not return within 20 minutes

After purging, nothing ties an anonymous contribution to its author.