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Change address

To update the name and address of your business, or to specify a separate invoicing address select 'Address' in the personal menu which you can open from the toolbar of your Meeting center.

Your changes become effective on confirmation.

Please be note

  • The name you give for your organization is the name MeetingSphere gives on the login page of your Meeting center. If you do not give an organization, your first name ans surname will be used instead.
  • The main 'Licensee' address determines applicable sales tax and should be the address from which you do business. The main address serves as the invoice address unless you specify a separate invoice address.
  • If you specify a separate invoice address, MeetingSphere will give that address on the invoice and send the invoice to the email address you give for the invoice address. The main address remains the relevant address for all matters of taxation.
  • MeetingSphere will always send a copy of any invoice to the email address you have registered as your MeetingSphere user name.