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Your password protects your content and your subscription. DON'T SHARE IT WITH ANYONE!

Change your password via that option in your personal menu which you find under your name in the Meeting center toolbar.

It is good practice to

  • use a password for MeetingSphere which you do not already use elsewhere on the Internet*
  • change your password from time to time

For your safety, MeetingSphere enforces minimum requirements which are given in the 'change password' panel.

Please note that you must keep your password secret also because any sharing of your user account would be a fundamental breach of the Terms and Conditions of your PERSONAL MeetingSphere subscription. 

* MeetingSphere does not store your password but merely a cryptographic 'hash' by which the correct password can be recognized but by which it cannot be reproduced. This means that even if MeetingSphere systems were hacked, your password could not be stolen. Sadly, not all service providers take this precaution on behalf of their users.