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Login requirements differ between the Facilitator (you) and participants.

Facilitator (Leader)

As the person who owns the Meeting center and can create and run meetings, you must authenticate with username and password via the login page.

Update your username and password via the personal menu which you find on the right in the Meeting center toolbar.

Log out via that option of the personal menu.


Participants sign in directly to the meeting they have been invited to by that meeting's login page which is served under a specific URL.

The login page is created when you share the meeting's URL via the 'Invite' button on the Lobby item.

The login page of

  • a not-yet opened meeting reassures participants that they have come to the right place and informs them about the meeting's
  • an open meeting requests the user's details as specified by the Leader (you) i.e.
    • name (default)
    • email address (default)
    • security code (if required)

Confirmation admits participants to the Lobby of the meeting.

The login page is removed when the meeting is closed. Participants who visit the meeting's URL will be informed that the relevant meeting has ended, no details given.