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Basic meeting settings

The Basic meeting settings tab is open when you enter a new meeting. You can open it with the 'settings' button of the toolbar.

Review and update the following:

  • Title
    Change the default designation of 'New Meeting' to something meaningful. The title is given on the meeting's login page for participants, on the cover of the automatic Meeting report, and on the meeting item that represents the meeting view "My Meetings" of the Meeting center.
  • Start and end time
    These default to 'now' and 'two hours later'. Adjust as required.
  • Time agenda (Default: Off)
    Enable if you intend to add multiple workspaces and want the dashboard to assist you in dividing up the time available between different tasks.
  • Use voice conference (Default: On)
    Enable the voice conferencing service for regular web conferences. Disable for anytime sessions which run over an extended period of time or face-to-face meetings.
  • Use Live chat (Default: On)
    Enables Live chat which is placed in the bottom status bar. When disabled, the Live chat button is hidden (not available) for participants. Facilitators can enable / disable Live chat also in the chat panel.

    Chat messages give the name of the contributor. Live chat is consequently not available in fully anonymous meetings i.e. meetings where participants do not give their name or their email at login.

More settings

Extend the Basic settings tab with 'more' to

  • Add a description
    which can help you identify the correct meeting in the Meeting center should you look for it later.
  • Select another time zone (Default: Your computer's time zone)
    which can be useful if most participants hail from another time zone and you want to make sure your schedule works for them.
  • Select another language
    if your Meeting center is configured to support multiple languages, you can set the user interface to a specific language for any specific meeting.

Participant access

Switch to the 'Participant access' tab if you want to

  • customize the meeting's address on the Internet
  • customize the info requested from participants at login
  • set up a security code for the meeting


Switch to the 'Report' tab if you want to customize

  • the information given on the cover sheet of the meeting report
  • the content included in the meeting report