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Participant access

The defaults for participant access should be fine in most situations.

You can customize the following:

Internet address (URL) of the meeting

The Internet address of a meeting is generated automatically by adding a jumble of letters and numbers to the address of your Meeting center such as

Click 'Invite' to share this address as a clickable link which takes participants directly to the meeting's login page.

Edit the last part of the address (after the slash '/') to create a 'speaking' URL, for example

Information requested from participants at log in

Specify the info participants must give when they sign into the meeting.

  • Name (Default: selected)
    Requires participants to give their name. This is used to name the participant in the meeting.
  • Email address (Default: selected)
    Requires participants to give their email. MeetingSphere uses the email address to recognize participants when they return to the meeting after having dropped off or signed out.

    Forego asking for your participants' email address only for good cause.

  • Access code (Default: deselected)
    Select to specify an access code participants must give to enter the meeting. Like a password, this access code can consist of letters and numbers, upper and lower case and special characters.

    Please be aware that, for extra security, an access code should NOT be included in the invitation that includes the meeting URL. Send a separate email or use a different channel altogether.