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The Lobby is the 'room' participants enter when they join the meeting.

If you are running a plain web conference i.e. a voice conference with or without screen sharing, participants will stay in the Lobby throughout the meeting. If you have added workspaces such as Brainstorm or Discussion, participants will be navigated back to the Lobby automatically when those workspaces are closed.

In the Meeting dashboard, the Lobby is represented by the 'Lobby item' which sits at the top of the screen.

Leaders can brand the Lobby by uploading their organizations logo, see below.

The Lobby item

The Lobby item sits at the top of the agenda and offers functionality that relates to the whole meeting



  • opens the meeting for participants meaning that participants can enter from the login page
  • enables the open/close switches on workspaces


    opens an invitation dialogue by which the Leader can share the Meeting details with participants.
    lets the Leader add an instruction which participants must confirm when they enter the meeting.
    opens the Meeting Report tab of meeting settings by which the automatic report can be configured and generated


indicates that an instruction for participants exists. Click to open.

Not visible
indicates that a landing page for the meeting has not been created yet OR has been removed.

indicates that a landing page for the meeting exists.

gives the number of participants in the lobby.

The Lobby

The Lobby has a very different relevance for participants and Facilitators (Leaders). For participants, it is the point of entry to the meeting which they only leave if and when the Leader opens workspaces for them. For Leaders, the Lobby is the place to welcome and, if required, instruct participants which includes customizing its look and feel. In short, Leaders may put some effort into configuring the Lobby but are unlikely to spend much time 'in' it.

The Lobby - Participants' perspective

Participants enter the Lobby when they log in. In the Lobby, they

  • can join the voice conference
  • read, confirm the Meeting instruction and, if required, call it up again from the toolbar
  • participate in screen sharing or, if delegated by the Leader, share their screen

From the Lobby, participants can navigate - or be navigated automatically - to workspaces opened by the Leader.    

The Lobby - Leader's perspective

Leaders enter the Lobby via the 'Enter' button on the Lobby item primarily for the purpose of reviewing the Meeting instruction and the Lobby settings.


    If you have already added an instruction it will be displayed to you as would to a participant. Like a participant you need to acknowledge the instruction with CLOSE to do anything else, such as changing the settings of the Lobby.

    Click EDIT to change the instruction. If you want to create an instruction from within the Lobby, click the instruction icon in the toolbar.  

    Lobby Settings

    Lobby settings control the look and feel of the Lobby. Since the Lobby will be displayed on screens of all sizes and layouts, all settings except background color are relative to the user's screen size and layout. All changes are reflected directly.

    If you want your changes to become the default for new meetings, save them as the new default. Don't if your changes are just for this meeting.

    • Background color
      Pick or specify the background as corporate identity guidelines demand. If your logo has a background color, match that.
    • Logo
      For best results, upload your logo as an .svg (scalable vector graphics) file.* Vector graphics are best because they can scale perfectly to whatever screen size or resolution your participants may have.

      If you must use a bitmap (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp) choose a high resolution: The results of scaling down are much better than of scaling up.

      * Note: Ask marketing for an .svg of your logo. The file must be an actual vector graphic. Wrapping a bitmap into an .svg file does not help.

    • Scale
      Specify in percent of screen size how large your logo shall show. Scaling occurs by the limiting dimension and preserves proportions.

      For example, with the default scale of 30%, on a screen of 21 x 12, a logo sized 10 x 10 will be scaled down to 3.6 x 3.6 i.e. 30% of 12.

    • Alignment
      Decide where your logo shall sit on the screen.

    Check how the Lobby looks on your phone. You can get an approximation of how the Lobby scales to different screens by resizing your browser.