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Meeting instruction

Add an instruction or welcome message for your meeting by clicking ADD INSTRUCTION on the Lobby item or by clicking the instruction button in the Lobby toolbar.

Your instruction should contain a message and can contain attachments.

  • Meeting instruction
    Please remember that brevity is the soul of wit. Keep your meeting instruction to the point. Be aware that the presentation of the instruction is determined by the device it is viewed on. Use paragraphs (Enter) where sense dictates. Line breaks which look pretty on your computer are likely to look arbitrary and silly on other devices.

    If you add attachments, tell your participants what to do (view, download, whatever) with them.

  • Attachments
    You can enrich your instruction by adding extra information. MeetingSphere provides a viewer which lets participants view graphic files, videos or PDF directly - provided they play in a browser. Test this.

    Other files such as Excel or Word require a separate application. Make sure to provide your info in formats your participants can access easily.

    Enable "Launch viewer on entry" if you want the viewer to launch automatically when participants enter. Test the effect to be sure you want this.

On saving with DONE the instruction displays as it is shown to participants. Confirm with CLOSE.