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Open/close meeting

You must open the meeting with the 'Open meeting' switch on the Lobby item for participants to gain access. If you open the meeting before you have shared the meeting's Internet address with participants, you will be prompted to do just that by the 'Invite participants' dialogue.

Close the meeting when it is over.

Effects of Opening the meeting

Open the meeting with the switch on the Lobby item.


  • Turns the landing page of the meeting into a login page by which participants can enter the Lobby
  • Primes the voice service to establish a conference when the first participant joins the leader in the meeting
  • Enables the 'Screen share'  button in the leader's toolbar
  • Triggers the 'In-the-meeting' panel  which lists participants in the meeting
  • Enables the 'Open workspace' switches on the workspace items

Be aware that opening the meeting only gives access to the Lobby. Control access to workspaces by opening and closing them.

Effects of Closing the meeting

Close the meeting with the switch  on the Lobby item.


  • Closes all workspaces
  • Disables the voice conference and screen sharing
  • Logs off all participants
  • Replaces the login page with a non-descript page which informs visitors that the meeting served at this location has been closed

Please note that meetings beyond their end-date without recent participant access are closed automatically in the course of data maintenance. Review and adjust the relevant settings in the 'Data maintenance' panel which you find under your name in the Meeting center toolbar.