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The (participants)-In-the-meeting panel  sits on the left of the bottom status bar.

It serves multiple purposes:

  1. To give an overview of who is in the meeting
  2. To show if and how a user is connected to the voice conference (if enabled)
  3. For Facilitators: To control the conference and mute/unmute participants

Participant overview

The panel lists participants in two categories: 'Present' and 'Offline'.

Participants who are absent i.e. not connected are listed under 'offline' only if they could be recognized by their email address and recategorized as 'present' when they return.

Participants only ever see the 'Facilitator' (you) as 'offline', if so. They are not informed of participants previously in the meeting.

Disable 'Presence info'

In meetings with 'anytime participation', it is best practice to disable the participant overview since in could undercut anonymity. Such anytime meetings typically do not require a voice conference, which is why disablement of the voice service also disables 'presence info'. Facilitators can, of course, enable 'presence info' regardless.  

Conference connection overview

When the voice conference is enabled i.e. when the voice service is enabled and the Facilitator (Leader) and at least on participant are in the meeting, the panel gives the connection status of each participant.

Indicates that the user is about to connect over the Internet

Indicates that the user is about to dial in

Indicates that the user is connected over the Internet

Indicates that the user has dialed in

To Facilitators, connected participants also show the mute controls by which they control that users connection to the conference. 

Facilitator's conference control

Control of the voice conference begins with switch 'Use voice conference'. 'On' (default) will trigger the voice conference when the first participant joins the Facilitator in the meeting.

Switch to 'off' - which is taken to indicate an 'anytime meeting' - disables presence info, too.

The Facilitator's control of the voice conference is explained in detail on help page 'Voice conference'  

Like any other participant, Facilitators control their own connection to the conference via their Personal voice controls which also sit in the bottom status bar.