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Voice controls

Once connected, users control their access to the voice conference with the group of voice controls that sits on the left of the bottom status bar. Personal voice controls are identical for Leaders and participants except for Facilitators (Leaders) never being subject to 'Push-to-talk'.

Hang up to reconnect

Ends, on confirmation, the connection and calls the 'Connect to conference' dialogue.

Mute / unmute switch

In regular (not push-to-talk) conferencing mode, users can mute and unmute their microphone with this switch. The microphone icon indicates the volume picked up by the microphone.

The mute / unmute switch is hidden when the conference is switched to 'Push-to-talk' mode.

Push-to-talk button

In 'Push-to-talk' mode, the microphones (or phones) of participants are muted. The mute/unmute microphone-with-switch control of participants is replaced by the 'Push-to-talk' button.

To speak, users must press and hold this button.

Release of the button starts a 10-second countdown, after which the microphone (or phone) is muted again automatically.