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Live chat

Live chat is a backup communication channel that is available from the bottom status bar and runs across workspaces.

Comments give the name of the contributor which is why Live chat is unavailable in fully anonymous meetings i.e. meetings for which participants give neither their name nor email address.

Though the chat can be included in the meeting Report (default: no), it is not meant as an extra workspace but rather for having a meta conversation on the work. Facilitators can, for instance, issue stage directions such as "5 more minutes" while participants could ask for more time or signal that they are ready to move on.

Chat complements the voice conference and is available should someone have difficulty in connecting to voice or should voice be switched off as in an anytime meeting.

Facilitators enable/disable Live chat in the 'Basics' tab of meeting settings or the chat panel itself. Disablement hides the chat button from the status bar of participants.