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Basic brainstorm settings

Open the workspace settings with the cogwheel toolbar button. In most cases, the defaults should work for you.

Title (optional)

By default, MeetingSphere uses the Main instruction to designate the workspace. If you enter a title, that will be used instead of the instruction in the Agenda and the Meeting report. A separate title can be useful where the instruction (question) is long or to stress the outcome of a task, e.g. 'Possible solutions for issue X' rather than the question you ask to get that outcome, e.g. 'What could possibly be a solution for issue X'.   

Switch 'Discussion' (default: off)

Enable participants to comment on ideas to capture all available input when you can get it. Note that unlike traditional brainstorming, commenting is not disruptive in MeetingSphere.

Set up 'prompts' to which participants shall respond if it is important that commenting covers certain aspects.

Try out how this works for you.