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Discussion features and functions

The Discussion workspace offers several important features and functions which mostly sit in the toolbar.


Navigator iconBack to Dashboard
Exits the workspace for the Dashboard.

Navigator iconNavigator
Opens the Navigator as a shortcut to other workspaces on the Agenda.

Add topic
In topic view: Adds a discussion topic to the workspace.

Add prompt
Available in the toolbar of discussion panels, if "Specific prompts" are enabled: Adds a specific prompt for that topic i.e. a prompt that only exists in that discussion.

Moves the selected objects to trash from where it can be restored within 10 days.

Restore from trash
Opens the trash can from which deleted content can be restored - or removed irrevocably. Deleted content is removed from trash automatically after 10 days.

Copy menu
Offers options

    Copy to clipboard (Ctrl+c)

    Paste (Ctrl+v)

    Import wizard (for pasting or uploading external content)

    Download workspace content do disk

Sticky dot control
Opens the menu of Sticky dot controls such as Start/Stop allocation if Sticky dots have been specified for the workspace.

Sort by Sticky dots
Provides options for sorting topics 'by Sticky dots' once dots have been allocated.

Select mode
Enables checkboxes for selection of multiple items (topics, comments). Required on touch devices.

Focus participants
Focuses - on confirmation - all participants on the item selected by the Facilitator. If participants are in a different workspace or view, participants are auto-navigated (pulled) to the Facilitator's view.

Focus is only available when there are participants in the meeting. It will open a closed workspace just in time to allow participants to enter.

Focus is useful and can be fun. However, if unannounced, 'Focus' can be disruptive and feel like you're pulling the rug from participants. Consequently, always warn your participants before you focus so that they can complete what they're doing before they are swooshed away.

Share screen
Lets you share your screen or delegate screen sharing to a participant.

Screen sharing is only available when the meeting is supported by a voice conference and there are participants in the meeting.

Open/close for participants
Opens (or closes) the workspace for participants. If no other workspace is open at the time of opening, participants are navigated (pulled) automatically to the workspace.

The meeting must be open before you can open workspaces.

Workspace settings
Opens the settings of the workspace which are organized in 'tabs'

Close with DONE.

Log out
Exits the meeting and the MeetingSphere application in an orderly fashion. Proper log-out tells the system that you have left intentionally saving efforts to restore the connection to your device. It informs the other participants directly that you are no longer in the meeting.

The 'Help' menu gives access to the relevant page in online help, gives access to the 'next steps' instruction that is displayed in the empty workspace, opens MeetingSphere's support page and informs you of the version and release of MeetingSphere you are using.

Bottom status bar

Icon ParticipantsParticipants in the meeting
The Participants-in-the-meeting panel shows who is in the meeting. It also provides the Facilitator's controls for the voice conference.

Voice controls
In a voice conference, the status bar holds the personal voice controls for participating in that conference.

Icon Live chatLive chat
Opens 'Live chat', a simple chat which serves as a backup communication channel that runs across workspaces. Facilitators can switch off Live chat from within the panel.

Disable participant input
Disables input and editing by participants across topics.

The Facilitator's editing privileges are not affected.

Other functionality

External links
MeetingSphere recognizes web links in the text of an instruction as well as in ideas and comments. Links will open in a new browser tab.

Merge topics
Merge topics by dragging the 'duplicate' on the 'original' and confirming the merge dialogue. The merged topic (the duplicate) becomes a comment on the 'original' topic. Merged topics are given in a specific zone of the discussion panel, their number is indicated on the topic.