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Discussion "View" settings

Note that the filtering of content, i.e. whether participants see all or just a subset of contributions, is controlled in the 'Anonymity' tab as the available options depend on the chosen anonymity mode. 

The 'View' settings tab of the Discussion workspace currently offers two options:

1 Topics


1.1 Manual coloring of topics

By default, topics are colored automatically according to their position in the sequence of topics.

Switch on "Color topics manually" to enable manual coloring via the color widget which sits under EDIT in the context menu of topic items.

1.2 Display smaller topics

If you have many topics with short-enough titles, switch on "Display smaller topics" to display more topics 'above the fold' of computer screens and tablets.

This will not affect the display of topics on smartphones.

2 Numbering

Discussion offers three numbering schemes: Chronological, hierarchical and 'no numbering'.

2.1 Chronological numbering (Default)

With chronological numbering comments are numbered consecutively when they are created. Topics are not numbered.

Comments keep their numbers when they are moved about ('re-referenced') by drag and drop. Deletions leave gaps in the sequence of numbers. Persistent numbering makes it easy to reference comments by their number simply because they do not change.

2.1.1 Renumbering

After a lot of moving about and many deletions, numbering can look messy. Click RENUMBER NOW to assign numbers as if comments had been created in their current order.

2.1.2 Keep numbers on paste

If you need to keep numbers persistent across workspaces, switch 'Keep numbers' ON. Items copied from other workspaces to a discussion panel will keep their number unless that number is already taken.

2.2 Hierarchical numbering

Hierarchical numbering assigns numbers according to the position of the relevant item (including topics) in the hierarchy. For example

1.       First topic
1.1     First comment on first topic
1.1.1  First response to first comment on first topic

and so on.

Since numbers are defined by position, they change whenever an item is moved, inserted or deleted. Consequently there is no explicit renumbering and items of other workspaces cannot keep their number on paste.

2.3 No numbering

Numbers are assigned chronologically but remain hidden.