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Multi-criteria Results table - features and functions

The Multi-criteria results table offers several important features and functions which mostly sit in the toolbar.


Navigator iconBack to Dashboard
Exits the workspace for the Dashboard.

Navigator iconNavigator
Opens the Navigator as a shortcut to other workspaces on the Agenda.

Copy menu
Offers options

    Copy to clipboard (Ctrl+c)

    Download table to disk (Excel)

Select mode
Enables checkboxes for selection of multiple items. Required on touch devices.

Focus participants
Focuses - on confirmation - all participants on the item selected by the Facilitator. If participants are in a different workspace or view, participants are auto-navigated (pulled) to the Facilitator's view. 'View' includes the Facilitator's sorting, 'team' comparison etc.

Focus is only available when there are participants in the meeting. It will open a closed workspace just in time to allow participants to enter.

Focus is useful and can be fun. However, if unannounced, 'Focus' can be disruptive and feel like you're pulling the rug from participants. Consequently, always warn your participants before you focus.

Share screen
Lets you share your screen or delegate screen sharing to a participant.

Screen sharing is only available when the meeting is supported by a voice conference and there are participants in the meeting.

Open/close for participants
Opens (or closes) the workspace for participants. If no other workspace is open at the time of opening, participants are navigated (pulled) automatically to the workspace.

The meeting must be open before you can open workspaces.

Note that, to enable side-by-side analysis of completed ratings, Multi-criteria results tables allow users to enter while rating on one or several criteria is still in progress. Ratings whose regular Results tables would be rendered inaccessible by a 'progress meter' are simply labelled "in progress".

Workspace settings
Opens the settings of the workspace which are organized in 'tabs'

Close with DONE.

Bottom status bar

Icon ParticipantsParticipants in the meeting
The Participants-in-the-meeting panel shows who is in the meeting. It also provides the Facilitator's controls for the voice conference.

Voice controls
In a voice conference, the status bar holds the personal voice controls for participating in that conference.

Icon Live chatLive chat
Opens 'Live chat', a simple chat which serves as a backup communication channel that runs across workspaces. Facilitators can switch off Live chat from within the panel.

Show team results
Lets you select 'teams' whose results are displayed for comparison against each other or vs. the 'Total result' of the whole group.

Other functionality

Display by folder
Structures the Results table by folder meaning that sorting applies within folders. Useful if you want to find out what items scored highest/lowest or were controversial in a given category.

Facilitators can delegate (make available) this control to participants in the 'View' tab of workspace settings.

Rearrange columns
By default, columns are given in order of the Ratings they represent. Rearrange columns by dragging the column header to a different position.

Show/hide columns
By default, columns for Ratings are shown while calculated column "All criteria" is hidden. Enter table settings via the toolbar to reveal the 'Show column' switches in the column headers.