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Basic settings for Multi-criteria Results tables

Open the settings with the cogwheel button of the toolbar.

Title (optional)

By default, MeetingSphere uses the criteria of the Multi-criteria analysis to designate the Multi-criteria results table. If you enter a title, that will be used instead in the Agenda and the Meeting report.

If you make use of multiple Multi-criteria results tables in your Multi-criteria analysis, e.g. with different thresholds for Color coding or different formulas for calculated columns, then your title should highlight those differences.


The sort widget sets the persistent sorting of the table i.e. how it is sorted on entry (also of participants) and how it is sorted in the report. The widget lets you sort the table by

  • Criterion (Default: criterion of first rating)
    i.e. the results of the different ratings contained in that Multi-criteria analysis. Sorting by 'Criterion A - Descending' puts the top scoring items of that rating at the top of the table.
  • Mean of all Criteria
    i.e. by the mean rating across all criteria which is computed in a separate column to the right of the criteria columns. Sorting by 'All criteria - Descending' puts the items which have scored highest across criteria at the top of the table.

    Please note that the explanatory power of this column is limited if your analysis combines different rating methods.

  • Calculated column
    i.e. by the values of a 'Calculated column'. Sorting by 'Calculated Column A - Descending' puts the items with the highest calculated value at the top of the table.
  • Source Order
    i.e. the order of the items on the Facilitator's Rating sheet.

Note that a table can only be sorted by a visible column:

  1. Sorting by a hidden column (columns where switch 'Show' is OFF) automatically unhides that column (switch 'Show' is ON).
  2. Hiding ('Show'=OFF) a column by which the table is sorted will revert to default sorting i.e. by the leftmost criterion.