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Rating sheet "View" settings

1 Show results

This section of the 'Other' settings tab of the Rating sheet controls when results become available for participants.

1.1 Show incoming results

By default, to provide a level playing field, MeetingSphere prevents access to the results while Rating is in progress by displaying a progress meter in place of the results.

Enable switch "Show incoming results" to

  • Disable the progress meter for that rating
  • Allow access to the results while rating is still in progress

Note that

  • you must open the Results table or chart for participants to access.
  • by this setting, participants can see the current state of play before they submit their rating.

1.2 Show results on submission

Enable switch "Show results on submission" to allow participants to access results directly AFTER they have submitted their Rating sheet.

This is useful in 'anytime' meetings i.e. meetings which run over an extended time frame in which participants contribute at will as it gratifies participants by giving access to the results they have contributed to as is standard practice in web surveys.

Avoid showing results on submission if you intend to analyze the final results in the group as this can 

  • steal your powder by satisfying the curiosity of participants ahead of time
  • leave participants with different impressions of the results if these change over time

2 Folders

Folder options concern color coding, and appending or prepending the folder name to the item text.

2.1 Color code folders

Enable the color coding of folders if required.

Color coding occurs by editing the folders in the folder frame of the Rating sheet. It affects folders

  1. in the Rating sheet (if sorted by folder)
  2. in Results tables and Multi-criteria tables (if structured by folder)
  3. in Results charts and Multi-criteria charts (if structured or aggregated by folder)

2.2 Append / prefix folder name

If you do not want to structure your Rating sheet by folder, but want to inform users of an item's 'category', you can append or prefix the folder to the item text. Note that

  • Appending / prefixing will only occur when the Rating sheet is not structured by folder
  • Applies to all Rating sheets of a Multi-criteria analysis 

3 Numbering

Rating sheets offer 3 numbering schemes: 'By position', 'Keep numbers' and 'No numbering'.

3.1 Numbering by position (Default)

Numbering 'by position' numbers items consecutively from top to bottom. Since Rating sheets list the items in random order, this means that 'item 5' of one participant will be identical with 'item 5' of another participant only by chance.

When rating is in progress, numbering by position helps participants assess how far down they've made it on the list. This facilitates abstract conversations on progress, for instance, when, with an eye to the progress meter, Facilitators say something like, "I can see that most of you are about halfway through the list."

Rank order. On Rating sheets with rating method 'Rank order', numbering by position is hidden by default to avoid confusion between item number (on the left) and the rank number (on the right). 

3.2 Keep number

Under this scheme

  • rate items are numbered chronologically on the Facilitator's Rating sheet
  • items of another workspace keep their number when pasted to the Rating sheet unless their number is already taken
  • items on participants' Rating sheets have the same number as on the Facilitator's sheet regardless of randomization

Identical numbering across Rating sheets facilitates the conversation on individual items simply because 'item 37' will mean the same item for everyone.

Tip: Choose scheme "Keep numbers" if you intend to clarify the Rating sheet and its items in detail before rating begins. Then switching numbering to numbering 'by position' when you kick-off the rating. 

3.3 No numbering

Rate items are not numbered.

4 Prior comments

Enable this switch to make comments available in the Rating sheet if you

  • have pasted ideas from Brainstorm or topics from Discussion to the Rating sheet 'with comments'
  • believe this extra info adds value. Some participants may feel obliged to take in all offered information before rating which may require extra time.