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Multi-criteria Results table "View" settings

In the 'View' tab, you control the general appearance of the Multi-criteria results table.

1 Delegate structuring of table by folder

By default, the Facilitator (you) controls the 'Structuring by folder' of results tables. The Facilitator's choice also controls the way participants see the table.

Switch 'Delegate to participants' (Default: OFF)
enables (ON) or hides (OFF) that control for participants which means that the Facilitator's setting merely becomes the default setting of the participants. Obviously, such delegation only matters if you (plan to) open the Results table for participants to peruse it independently.

2 Show Standard Deviation

By default, the Multi-criteria table displays the (normalized) Standard Deviation (if it can be calculated for that particular rating method). Hide the SD value (initially) to reduce the complexity of the table.

Note that for Multi-criteria tables, the highlighting of dissent is is controlled in settings tab 'Color coding'.

3 Folders

By default, Results tables do not give the folder of rate items which they may still 'remember' from categorization in the Brainstorm workspace or have been sorted to by the Facilitator in the Rating sheet.

To inform users of an item's category when the results table is not 'structured by folder' (see above), Facilitators can display the folder name

  1. in a 'separate folder column' (Default: OFF), or
  2. appended to the item text (Default: OFF), or
  3. prefixed to the item text (Default: OFF)