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Basic Presentation settings

Open the settings with the cogwheel button of the toolbar.

Basic settings of the Presentation workspace include

  1. The title
  2. The presentation mode
  3. Enablement of the feedback discussion

1 Title

Most Facilitators will enter the title of the presentation when they add the workspace to the Agenda. If the title changes, change it here.

2 Presentation mode

The Presentation workspace offers 3 'modes' i.e. fundamental ways of presenting content to participants. The 'mode' determines the supplementary functionality of the workspace.

2.1 Slide show (Default)

For a slide show, the Facilitator or, if so, a delegate 'Presenter' upload files via the right hand (on phones: bottom) thumbnail frame.

'Slide show' provides for

  • Easy attribution of feedback to specific slides (enable 'separate discussion per slide')
  • Documentation of both the content of the presentation (the slides) and feedback in the automatic Word report
  • Independent 'anytime' perusal and commenting by participants (assign 'slide control' to 'All participants')

2.2 Screen sharing

Use screen sharing to present dynamic content or let participant see 'over your shoulder' while you (or the delegate Presenter) manipulate an Excel sheet or a text or a presentation or whatever.

Screen sharing as a mode of the Presentation workspace differs from plain screen sharing via the toolbar by playing in the 'presentation frame' rather than taking up the whole browser window. This means that participants can provide feedback and discuss what they see via the Discussion feedback channel.

2.3 Other presentation tool

Use this mode to communicate a link to another (non-MeetingSphere) presentation tool which will open in another browser tab.

Use of another tool disables the discussion feedback channel and all related functionality.

3 Discussion

Enable the discussion if participants shall provide feedback or discuss the presentation.

If you run a slide show, you can

  • treat each slide as a separate discussion topic
  • disable the discussion for the first slide as that often just gives the title of the presentation