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Presentation - Prompts for the feedback discussion

In the Presentation workspace, prompts serve to make sure that important aspects are covered in the discussion.

For this, Facilitators create the required prompts in the 'Prompts' tab of Presentation settings. Depending on your purpose and style, your prompts may be fully formed questions such as "Is this feasible - could we do it if we really wanted?" or flag an aspect by a single word e.g. 'Feasibility'.

You can set up prompts prior to enabling the discussion. If you set up prompts, you should be aware of the following:

  1. Prompts of the 'Prompts' tab apply to all topics (slides)
    If you want prompts to apply to all slides uniformly, enter them in the prompts tab. Such prompts not only appear automatically in all existing discussion panels but also in the panels of slides you add later.
  2. Enable "specific prompts" if you want prompts for a specific topic
    Swich on "Specific prompts" to enable the "Add prompt" button  in the toolbar of the discussion panels. Prompts added with that button only apply to that topic (slide).
  3. Prompts are 'binding'
    If you create prompts, then comments must reference (respond to) a prompt. This may require you to set up a 'catch all' prompt such as 'Other comments'.
  4. Prompts are 'of' that workspace
    If you copy and paste the content of a prompted discussion to another workspace, prompts lose their special properties. They are treated like regular 1st-level comments.

Comments that do not reference a prompt

In a 'prompted' discussion, it should not be possible for participants to create comments except in response to a prompt or another comment.

There are, however, two ways in which '1st-level comments' i.e. comments that do not reference a prompt or other comment may appear in a prompted discussion:

  1. Comments already exist when you create prompts
  2. Content is pasted to a prompted discussion

In such cases, the comments which do not reference a prompt are listed below the 'prompted' discussion:

  • Participants can respond to such comments.
  • Facilitators can drag & drop such comments under a relevant prompt, if that makes sense.