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Presentation settings for Editing rights

Facilitators can extend use cases for MeetingSphere by

  1. Delegating granular editing privileges to all participants
  2. Appointing individual participants as fully privileged 'Content editors'

1 Editing privileges for all participants

In the Presentation workspace, editing privileges can be fine tuned for comments.

By default, comments are 'owned' by the contributor. Participants can only edit, delete and re-reference their own comments. This means that they cannot edit any comments once their contributions are rendered anonymous at the technical level, i.e. when they log off or the Facilitator closes the workspace.

Facilitators can delegate the following privileges:

  • Edit all comments (Default: no)
    Enables the EDIT button in the floating toolbar of ALL comments for participants.
  • Delete all comments (Default: no)
    Enables the DELETE button for comments in the toolbar of participants.
  • Reorder all comments (Default: no)
    Allows participants to drag anybody's comment to a different place in the discussion thread.
  • Copy and paste comments (Default: no)
    Lets participants to copy and paste comments via the toolbar or by keyboard shortcuts.

Be aware that switch 'Participant input' of the status bar overrides the comment settings of the privileges tab. The settings described above come into force (only) when participant input is enabled for comments. 

2 Import/Export

By default, options 'Download' and 'Import wizard' of the copy & paste toolbar menu are reserved for the Facilitator.

  • Participants may import items (Default: no)
    enables the 'Import wizard' for participants.
  • Participants may export items (Default: no)
    enables the 'Download' option for participants

3 Content Editor

If you want to give full privileges to some participants while restricting the rest, appoint 'Content Editors'.

Content editors have all privileges, i.e. as if all switches of the 'Privileges' tab were ON. 

Content editors must be recognizable by their username (email address).

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